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Name E-mail Website Country Your favourite titmice?
Amber www United States None
Andi e-mail www Poland All
April e-mail www United States
Ashley e-mail www United States Siberian tit and Great tit
Birgit e-mail www Norway None
Danielle e-mail www United States Tufted
Dave e-mail www Australia None
Deborah e-mail www Belgium All
Draconia www Germany All
Edith www Estonia Blue and tufted titmouse :)
Emily e-mail www United Kingdom
Enni e-mail www Finland
Erishuu www United States blue tit
Flicksi www Germany All
Greg e-mail www Australia None
Hoshi e-mail www Germany Blue Tit
Ingrid www Estonia Blue tit
Iris e-mail www Canada None
Julie e-mail www Canada None
Katie e-mail www Germany
Kaytee e-mail www United States Tufted titmouse
Leigh Ann e-mail www United States
Lex - Be www Belgium Blue titmouse
Lindsay^_^ www United States ALL OF THEM
Lisa e-mail www Germany None
Mai Y. Kaido www Poland None
Megan www United States Tufted titmouse
Meredith www United States All
Merike e-mail www Estonia Great titmouse
Nanhoi www Germany Blue tit

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